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Making Branded content easy for creators

Content creators! Grow your business, use Otterfish to help you generate great content ideas, be more organised, on time and professional, all from one easy to use app on your phone or laptop.

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All your campaigns in one place

Move away from shared drives and different tools with multiple email chains just to get content approved. Otterfish brings together your briefs, discussions, and approvals in one place to manage everything more efficiently. 

  • No miscommunications on your campaigns
  • Easier to navigate multiple campaigns
  • Store and manage all campaigns in your personal dashboard

Never miss deadlines again with email reminders

Set email reminders on each deliverable to help you stay on track and never miss deadlines again.

  • Due dates reminders so you never miss deadlines
  • Makes your clients happy
  • Helps you manage your workload
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Communicate more effectively with clients. 

Otterfish allows you and your clients to communicate in a more efficient way by using our chat function inside of Otterfish. 

  • Remove the need for long email chains
  • Quick fire feedback discussions for every campaign
  • Manage multiple conversation with ease. 

AI powered content to make your life easier. 

We've partnered with ChatGPT to help creators generate concept and caption ideas based on your uploaded brief. Get inspired and save time by using AI.

  • Create better concept ideas quickly.
  • Generate caption ideas with relevant hashtags
  • Make yourself look more professional to your clients. 

Take your Influencer campaigns to the next level with Otterfish. The AI powered tool designed for creators.

"I'm a content creator, I sometimes pull my hair out when trying to get feedback from brands / agencies. Otterfish means I still have hair. Video drafts uploaded, instant feedback, direct communication with the agency all in one place. Bliss.Goodbye Rogaine. Give otterfish a whirl, you'll bloody love it."

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Frequently Asked Questions

So how does Otterfish work?

Otterfish is an AI powered tool that simplifies content approval for creators by allowing them to create a content board, upload their approved brief and contract, and invite clients for seamless review and approval. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and processes, and ensures that deadlines are met through the use of reminder dates. 

Use AI to help generate concept and caption ideas based on your brief. 

Overall, Otterfish is going to help you look more professional by streamlining the way you manage your Influencer campaigns - and help you grow your business.

How it Otterfish better than my current solution?

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Can I use Otterfish on my mobile?

Yup! Otterfish is mobile friendly, you can save Otterfish to your homescreen and use ass you would any other app.

Can I trial Otterfish before I buy?

Absolutely! Otterfish offers a free plan so that you can experience the real value of our platform. With the free plan, you can create up to 3 campaigns at no cost. Once you've reached the maximum number of campaigns, you'll need to upgrade to one of our affordable plans to continue creating or collaborating on new campaigns.